One if by land, ...
1 if by land is a management consulting firm for industrial and commercial enterprises, investment companies, banks and lenders.
With our advice companies are able to enhance their operational performance as well as their financial attractiveness.
We are specialists in profit improvement, strategic growth, and corporate restructuring.
Our advice pays off quickly:
  • Our experts combine personal industry and management experience with the professional methods of top-management consulting. They are highly effective in small teams.
  • We implement and deliver measurable results. Our solutions are well-conceived, simple to implement and work in practice.
  • Optimising profit statement, cash flow and balance sheet, we pursue an integrated approach.

Dr. Markus Brandstetter co-founded 1 if by land in 2005 and manages the company with ten directors and senior advisors. The track record of our consultants consists of more than 150 assignments and 200 consulting man-years in six economic sectors. Registered office is Düsseldorf.
Our name stands for initiative, mobilisation and impact, just like Paul Revere's Ride in the same-named poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. One if by land, and two if by sea; ...